An update!

I’m sure you’ve been waiting with breath that was bated to find out what would come of my major hallway project. Ahhh. Finally. You may exhale.

The hanging has begun.

photo 2

And while it isn’t yet complete, I’m liking it. As is my daughter, who walked out of her bedroom yesterday morning and said, “Mom! The paintings! They are Beaauuuuuutiful! You hung them up? I saw you with a tape measure, yes!”photo 1_2

As you can see, some of the frames are hung with fillers (like the sideways lyrics to Neutral Milk Hotel’s “In An Aeroplane Over the Sea” that came out wrong but are simply acting as place holders. If my photos ever develop (an ongoing saga with an outcome that remains to be seen) I will be adding a photo of me and my two kids from the hospital post-delivery and the first photo of my daughter holding my son on my husband’s lap. I am very cognizant of not putting up too many “current” photos, as I don’t want to have a big wall of dated pics; but I feel that some moments are timeless. Like a sister meeting her brother. And one unique wedding photo that is more like a piece of a photojournalist’s art. photo 3

And then there is this. This came on Saturday. My husband wrote to Brett Dennen, a favorite human of mine, and his manager. He told them that I was in need. Click the link above to see what they sent. As you can see in my son’s nursery, I framed the lyrics to his song, “Wild Child” because they were words I wanted my son to see and live by. “I am, I am, I am, I am, I am a wild child, mama. You can, You can, You can You can, You can hold me tight if you wanna. If you want to hold me tonight.” So this was pretty amazing for me. And even more fitting was the dedication inside the album cover: “This album is dedicated to those who might have lost their way but found it again from within.”

A work in progress, as the rest of my house will always be, but this hallway has made great strides.

And I am trying to do the same.


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