Hallelujah and a Hallway.

Tonight I made a home decor swap of sorts that is very close to my heart.

I removed the mirror that was formerly at the top of the hallway on the second floor

(because it is being used for another, top secret design project, which will be coming soon)

and moved it to said undisclosed spot.

In it’s place I hung a mirrored frame with the handwritten sheet music of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”.

This song is meaningful to me; it is profound and poetic and sometimes it takes my breath away.

I had the honor of singing it the political fundraiser we hosted a little while back.

(you can see a bit of it here)

I love Leonard Cohen. I love this story. I love that it’s in a mirrored frame at the top of my stairs,

to remind me,

to sometimes



photo 1-17

photo 2-18 photo 3-12


Sparkly new things.

In the past week, I have gotten a few sparkly little, but exciting, new things.

First, this gold ball, to fill the blue vase on the landing in my entrance.

I felt like it was empty without anything in it, but it is directly opposite a mirrored table topped with a vase and sticks that I thought more sticks would be overkill. Well, actually, I thought it would be OK, but my mom said it would be overkill.

right side See?

So I decided to try out a shiny gold ball that highlights the painting above it. I’m living with it.

photo 1-9Ideally I’d like more height, but I’m not sure how to achieve it. A work in progress.

photo 2-10

Then, there was the night I got lost on ebay and found my way back home using a trail of Jonathan Adler breadcrumbs. You guys, I bought pillows. These pillows:

photo 4-3Love and Peace? I had to.

I first thought they’d be perfect for my bed.

So I got it all set up…

photo 3-7And while I thought they look awesome there, I felt like I was getting into “Along Came Polly” territory.

And so I thought of moving them onto the bench in my entrance.

And I think I’m in love.

photo 5-2Peace and love, to be precise.





511 Meets Mommy, Ever After

I wrote about my soundtrack earlier, over on the other site (www.mommyeverafter.wordpress.com)

and my soundtrack made it’s way into my home decor tonight.

picked my wedding song, The Rolling Stones “Sweethearts Together”, when I was just a kid. It was from the Voodoo Lounge Album that my dad played for me, and playing music for one another has been a tradition my dad and I have always shared.

So tonight I incorporated a little voodoo lounge into my hallway decor.

photo 1 photo 2framed in Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler, we now have a little piece of our romantic history on our ever-expanding collage of a wall.

And as the song says, “…we’ve only just begun.”