Fine and Feathered

Yesterday I had a rather successful trip to home goods. I even saw friends there. And they weren’t the employees, but real life peeps (former students, in fact).

A successful trip in my book is defined when I have good finds, don’t go too over budget and can edit appropriately. I could have purchased about 10 things that I chose to put back, but came home with things that I really loved and did not break the bank.

This is what my cart looked like during the shop:

photo (21)

You may spy with your little eye a lamp almost identical to the one I had let go on Friday’s shop. But today, at a different site, I found it with a slightly different, more elegant shape and with a price tag 20 dollars cheaper. Score!

photo 2_3

Now here it is in our previous lamp-less living room.  photo 3Is it a necessity? No. But do I like it a lot? Yes. So I am keeping it. And my justification is that it will be perfect in my future master bedroom addition. For some reason I just see it in there. So, it’s here for now and I am happy.

I also had a rather remarkable find: A feather, marked down from $50 to $12. I could not let that lost, homeless little feather sit on that shelf. She had to come live with us. For both our sakes.

photo 1_4

And she goes perfectly with the whole scheme of our not yet posted kitchen. photo 2_2And the reason, you ask, why I have yet to post a most important room in my house? Oh. Because big changes lie ahead. This month, in fact. Wait and see! (Sneak preview: ugliest linoleum floors EVER being replaced next week. Can I get a woot woot?!)


Speaking of kitchen, I found this really cool centerpiece to replace my hydrangeas. Last week my mama soul mate friend told me that they did not, in fact, look like dried flower (she has some KILLER dried hydrangeas that have survived a trip from Martha’s Vineyard and two moves, might I add) but instead dead flowers. So I went with this: Leather!photo 3_3

The leather is pretty cool. And not alive. Nor dead!
photo 4_2Finally I found this, also on clearance, in the exact mustard color that I love for my son’s room.

photo 1_5I plan to hang it under his rainbow painting and over his anywhere chair, so that it is perfect little man sized.

Finally, a few more frames for my ever growing  hall wallphoto 5_2Because really, what hall wall is complete without some mirrored frames and a shoulder ride from Zeydie?

More to come…







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