On my way…?

So today, armed with a little bit of photographic creativity and a 40% coupon to Michaels,

I think I just might have solved the problem of my very long wall in my one very long hall.

This is the wall. The most long and boring wall in all of walls. And not only is it long and boring, but it’s not smooth, despite the perfect paint and prime job. That’s a 90 year old house for you. So here ’tis:

photo 2

And now here’s my plan. I know I said before that I wasn’t sure about a gallery wall, but that’s because I couldn’t wrap my brain around a wall of family photos. It’s just not exactly us. But what I can get behind is a wall of some family photos (likely in black and white) interspersed with prints of our favorite poems, short stories, lyrics and quotes. My husband and I are both former English Majors and love words. And along with words and pics of my kids I love interesting frames. And deals. Boy do I love deals.

So I did this

photo 1

…and started to find prints. Prints like this

photo 3And these words have stories. Like my favorite poem of all time, T.S. Eliot’s “Preludes”, that I first read in Junior Year English Class in a musty old building during a cold winter. Or Richard Brautigan’s Poem, “I was trying to describe you to someone”, that my husband sent to me in an email this summer. Things that applied to us then and things that apply to us now. And things that will become a part of our future. I want our kids to learn to love words, and I don’t think a wall of words will hurt.

So, I’m liking it. What do you think?


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