My Closet. A Story.

As I alluded to earlier, my son’s nursery had a previous life as my “dressing room”. That meant it housed my closet, vanity, a long bureau and a lingerie chest. And then things had to change. Things like my belly. And my room.

I am fortunate enough to be friends with a former student’s mom who is a closet artiste at Closet and Storage Concepts. I live in a 90 year old house. Apparently, 90 years ago, people didn’t wear much clothing. Our closets are teeny tiny. But the largest in our home happened to be in my dressing room/son’s nursery. So my friend, as a professional, came out and designed for me a custom closet that I would continue to use once the room was converted into the blue, warm and fuzzy nursery that it is today. My justification was that I was having a boy, he would not have long dresses to hang (at least not for several years, if he chose to, at that point), so I could get away with using it. And I will tell you, it has worked out fabulously well.

So, look. Here’s another photo of my son’s room.

photo 4

And you’d never know that lurking inside is…

photo 2


photo 3

and Tops

photo 4

photo 5

and shoes

photo 2_2

Oh My!

All of the items in my former lingerie chest were moved into my bedroom when I found this most fantastic, antique, gold painted piece at Resellers Consignment Gallery. Since our budget for this project was limited, I just so happened to luck out and find this piece at 50% off.

photo (10)

Just to give you a frame of reference, this now also serves as my husband’s night table. Our bedroom will be featured soon, I promise. Consider this your sneak peak.

So here it is, one of the most intimate things I will post on this site; it may not be perfect in it’s neatness, but it meets my needs perfectly. Occasional mis-matched hangers and all.


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