Kiddo Baño

Because our house is so old, and has 2.5 bathrooms (technically there were bathroom set ups in both the unfinished basement and third floor, which we subsequently capped and covered) I figured that we had two and a half chances for hideousness. Now, our bathrooms certainly were (and, in all honesty, are) not ideal, but they are not so bad. Many of the original bathrooms in our neighborhood, in houses newer than ours, are horrendously dated, with pink or orange tile and layer upon layer of wallpaper, each from a different decade. I must say, we did luck out a bit in the ability to transform our bathrooms into decent spaces. Are they showroom quality? No. Do we have marble sinks and glass doored showers? No. But they are decently sized, functional and easy on the eyes.

Our kiddo bathroom, I think, is rather charming. We were lucky that it started with white tile and a white laminate vanity and nothing more obtrusive. But what it did have were two big blue things: A blue tub and a blue toilet. And let me tell you, my daughter, 2.5 at the time, fell madly in love with this blue bathtub. So while I upgraded to a lovely new toilet, the blue tub remains. And it’s kind of cool in a retro “I can get my kid to take a bath with ease” way.

photo 5Oh there are things I want to do to this bathroom. I want to wallpaper it with this awesome black and white animal print paper I saw on a blog. I want to get a new light fixture. But for now, for a kids bathroom, it’s fine. It’s not gorgeous, it’s not going to be featured in a magazine, but it’s fine. And my husband drew the picture that hangs over the toilet. So that makes it more than fine; that makes it special.

photo (11)Once again Blinds 4 U did these white blinds and I loooove them. They really make the room look crisp and finished. These Ikea frames house photos of family and bathtime with my daughter’s girlfriend (which seemed like the appropriate bathroom decor) and fit the color scheme I was going for: Fuschia, blue and white. Three whole colors. Who knew I had it in me!?

photo (1)It may not be glamorous, but I find our bathroom to be bright and airy. That’s good enough for me. And certainly for my 3.5 year and 12 week olds. The paint color here is Benjamin Moore White Diamond, which I’d describe as white with a few drops of gray. It adds just a little bit of warmth to the whiteness of the room.

And allow me to introduce you to our newest acquisition, courtesy of anthropologie:

photo 6I’m sorry, but I find this to be an exceptionally cool bath mat. It is in my color scheme, it is huge, and it has feathers. Welcome, dear peacock. I hope we show you a lovely life. Or at least I hope you enjoy the pitter patter of little feet.

So there you have it. My kiddos’ bathroom, which I suspect will continue to evolve during our journey together. I can’t wait to see how far we can go.


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