How could I not add a little Hemingway to my gallery wall?

photo 1-18photo 2-19


Remember when I went to Home Goods and lost my wallet?

Of course you do; it was three days ago and particularly ridiculous.

Well anyway, no major purchases were made that day (a little bit of this and a little bit of that, this being cocktail napkins, that being another box for the Kiddo bathroom),

but I did manage to find a steal,

this mirror for $19.99 to add to my hallway gallery wall.

photo 1 photo 2While I acknowledge that it is perhaps not the most practical place for a mirror (unless a guest is 7 feet tall or you are coming down from my third floor staircase, but it’s pretty, it gives openness to the narrow space and I like it. So there.

And if you’re seven feet tall and want to come over, boy do I have the mirror for you, bud!