Kiddo Baño Updates–Part 1

So, I did some Home Goods shopping today; some for me, some for my friend, and some for you (more on that to come).

As I said before, our kiddos’ bathroom, while not glam or luxurious, isn’t bad at all. But, it’s become my latest-mini-project so that it can be the best that it can be.

I also mentioned before that in gaining a son, I lost a dressing room. So their bathroom is also essentially my vanity, which means on a daily basis it looks something like this:

photo 1My makeup is out in a travel case, my Birch Boxes are strewn about, perfume samples sit next to toothpaste containers. It isn’t the neatest.

So today at Home Goods I took the first small step to updating things. I will refer to this as the turquoise step. There will be a lavender step to follow, I assure you.

So now this countertop looks a bit more like this:

photo 2Our former white hand towels never looked pristine so I replaced them with these by DKNY and these nesting boxes are the perfect hiding places for all of my eye creams, hair sprays and blushes.

A little improvement that goes a long way.




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