Baby Proofing?!

No. No no no. I don’t speak that language. I don’t care that I have an enormous, almost walking 9 1/2 month old. I will not compromise all of the hard work and style I have put into my decorating.
Except…I have a mirrored coffee table in my living room. And on it is a glass and crystal bowl. And in the bowl are colored and textured balls.
And now, on the carpet in front of my table, I have ball crumbs. Because babies like to crumble decorative balls. And bang things on mirrored tables. And I’m not baby proofing. Not yet.

This used to be easier. Like when he was in utero or immobile. But now, I will hold onto my balls for as long as I can.

And jeez Louise, YOU get your mind out of the gutter.
And kid, get your hand off my coffee table balls.


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