Lambertville for Mother’s Day

Lambertville, NJ has always been one of my family’s favorite antiquing destinations. It is where we bought our Barcelona Chairs and Settee at the Rago Auction, it is where we bought the “A” locker for my son’s bedroom, our mirrored coffee table and many more special items in our home.
Yesterday, my mom, dad, sister, husband, two kids and I piled into our car in search of some goodies, primarily for my sister’s new apartment. She is moving from a studio in the Village to a gorgeous, brand new space in TriBeCa.
It’s so funny how sisters work; we are so different on the surface (she runs marathons. I walk to the freezer for peeps), yet we both decided, in the same month, to create a wall of mirrors in our bedroom. She didn’t know that I had done this in mine (thank you so much for keeping up with my blog, sister, dear) and I was excited to go treasure hunting for mirrors for her. We found amazing ones, at amazing prices, mostly at The Golden Nugget flea market.
I found these for 25 dollars. I’m thinking of switching out the shades and putting them in the dining room. photo 1-1
Aren’t they fabulous?
This was the one time that we found ourselves grateful for our genetically inherited chicken legs; my sister and I squeezed into the back of our SUV with her newly acquired 50+ inch (AMAZING) mirror)
photo 2

At the People’s store, I spent 10 dollars on dried lycium for the new bedroom. I do love me some purple.
But the true find of the day came from Mix Gallery, where my sister has found many of her great pieces including a Danish modern dresser and an industrial light fixture.
We spotted this chair in the window and it took our breath away; in her apartment touched with grays and golds, this chair will be perfection.
She gets to go home with that chair; I get to go home with the handsome man in the background.
In the shop, I styled the chair so that she could see how I pop of color would be the perfect accent.
The chair is sick.
Once she gets settled in and I trek to the big city to visit, I will do a full post on my sister’s fabulous new pad, but for now, I will settle with a fabulous day in our favorite old town with my fam.


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