Dudes, I got birds.

Early on, I teased about a special wallpaper I had found. Well…drumroll…

photo 3-6The photos really don’t do it justice, but I now have a fine and feathered accent wall in my Powder Room. Because it is a relatively small space, doing the entire room would have been too much. But I fell in love with this wallpaper. And it is even more exquisite in person. It glistens.  photo 2-9It looks so much better in person that my husband’s case for me to upgrade to an iPhone five just got some major support.

photo 4-2It might not be this, but it really looks exquisite and adds a huge pop to the room. I love it.

(For those interested, this  job was done by my beloved painter and paper hanger, Gary Pisarcik.)




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