I must admit,

I’ve been having more MyHabit fantasies.

Like these, Casabianca Furniture Set of 4 Avenue Bonded Leather Dining Chairs in Grey:

41hXUaY7XtL._UY416_CR0,0,310,416_I have literally no spot in my entire home for these, but I think they’d go well.

I also am dying for this:

41TMPMVEZSL._UY416_CR0,0,310,416_It is called “The End of the Rainbow” and I love it but it’s $375. Sigh.

And for some reason, I see something like these, Skyline Nail Button Storage Ottomans, in my future master bedroom addition.

81ulv9zazSL._UY576_CR0,0,430,576_I could see them on top of the leopard rug at the foot of my navy swathed bed.

Speaking of my bed, I don’t currently have one (we just have a mattress on a frame) so a fantastic headboard is a must in my future plans. I wouldn’t mind something like this:

41sqxnwJ6PL._UY416_CR0,0,310,416_It is called the Skyline High Arch Nail Button Headboard (and it’s color is listed as Mystere Dove, which makes it about 300X more attractive to me).

And how about these Talenti Casa Dream Table Lamps on my (hopefully mirrored) night tables?

51PCCrs+DiL._UY416_CR0,0,310,416_Like I said the other day, MyHabit is killing it.


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