Before and (Ever) After

After many years writing Mommy Ever After about my pregnancy and the bond with my growing daughter, I have labored two more loves: A handsome angel of a son and a new home. And not exactly in that order. Both have been life changing, challenging and beautiful.In the summer of 2012 I stumbled upon my new house; It was in my dream neighborhood, it had my lucky number in the address and it was in our price range. It was also a bit of an eyesore. But the moment I walked through the door I knew it was my home. I could see through the peeling, dark wallpaper, the falling-off-the-wall mirrors, the lack of central air, the hideous ivory plastic track lighting and the dangerous open staircase with dirty carpeting that lead to a scary third floor. Instead I saw gorgeous architecture, French Doors, stunning (yet unpainted) molding, built in arches and a stone sunroom and fireplace. I felt it in my gut. I could make this into something special.So bit by bit, sconce by sconce, I spent the past year (exactly) transforming this 90 year old stone house into my haven. Here I will chronicle, over time, the before and afters of our evolution here. Most importantly, I have transformed this house using a very limited budget and a whole lot of creativity. I hope you enjoy my continued journey into the after. 



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