Do you remember those letters I bought at Michael’s the other day? For a grand total of $7.20? Well they’ve found their home.

When you walk up the stairs to our second floor, they now hang above the windowsill in our long hallway.

photo 1I have to tell you, I’m a little obsessed.

photo 2It is most definitely quirky. But it adds personality. And we are quirky. So I love it.

It’s us, both literally and figuratively.

RAKA 4eva.


What I want.

Since there has been a moratorium placed on the purchase and execution of wall hangings in my home, I cannot buy any of these things. But oh how I want them. All of them. From One Kings Lane.

Screen shot 2014-02-03 at 8.36.48 AMI want the Jagger and Warhol for my entrance hallway. I want the feminist sign for my daughter’s bedroom. I want the aviators print for anywhere. It is so cool. I want the hydrangeas for my future guest room. I love hydrangeas. And I want the Fox for my son’s nursery, to join his many other fox friends.

But, alas, I will not be getting any of these fabulous pieces of art until my ban on buying wall coverings is lifted.

But a girl can dream.