What Does the Fox Say?

I am always supremely grateful for the thoughtfulness and support of friends; from phone calls and messages, to the recent outpouring of love, 

every single note, message, “like” and gift mean so much to me. I have a special compartment of gratitude in me for Gifts of the Foxy nature.

Yesterday, I happened to have been in a bit of a Foxy Find mood when I went to Home Goods with the fam;

They had these Fox mugs, which at first I thought we had to buy (in excess, in fact) but despite their low $3.99 price tag, I decided I really didn’t need them, $3.99 adds up and they were small for mugs, when I like my mugs big. Did I ever tell you that I have a thing for mugs? Oh well, another day.

photo 1-4

In any case, I went home empty handed (save the outdoor pillows and blue pots for my back patio) to find this on my stoop:

photo 2-5Peace signs! My heart was racing.

And then, inside, I found this:

photo 3-2A What does the Fox Say gift for each of us. On my son’s 5 month birthday, no less. I was blown away; overwhelmed; touched.

This is what I was talking about when I said that my friends have become family, lifting me up when I’ve needed me most. So thank you, friends. You are pretty dark Foxy. And generous. And amazing. And I love you.



Happy Mail.

A surprise package arrived at my door yesterday.

On the envelope, it read “Happy Mail”.

I could not have begun to guess what was inside…

I will let you see for yourselves.

photo 1

A most beautiful note, attached to a most beautiful print. Of my feathers; my strength symbols.

This piece of “Happy Mail” was from a girl who became my friend nearly 17 years ago. My middle school bestie, part of our “squad” of girlfriends. She always had the sweetest, most gentle soul. Later, when she became a mama, she brought her son to my baby class.

And we have stayed in touch throughout the years, weaving in and out of closeness, supporting each other through life events and continuing to foster our love. 
And out of the goodness of her heart she was sending me strength after what she intuitively suspected was a trying week.photo 2

Of course it had to be framed and hung immediately. photo 3My new favorite piece on my almost full gallery wall.

Thank you, sweet friend. It was happy mail, indeed.