A very feathered surprise…

What’s better than having a strength symbol in your home?

MANY strength symbols.

So while our kiddo bathroom is slowly transforming into a bird sanctuary (with the peacock rug and birdcage light fixture)

I have decided to add some very feathered wall paper to a surprise spot in our home.

It looks a bit like this…


and where it goes…

you’ll just have to stay tuned.

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So this was almost going to be,

“Hey, look what I found!”

photo 1_3

…but instead, it’s “Hey, look what I got!”

photo 2_3

Peacock feathers and gold. And the chance to be really creative. I am going to head to Michaels to see if I can find big frames. I’m thinking gold. I’m thinking for the side wall of my bedroom. But it remains to be seen. I’m excited for the chance to be creative. Creative with my strength symbol. Score!

Oh, and mom…do we have a date?