As I wrote earlier, some of our snow day was idyllic; we had the fire roaring as we watched pretty snow fall, my daughter made sugar cookies and I made chicken soup and that kind of coziness is heavenly…

But at some point in the day I got a case of the blechs. It happens. Because we were cooped up. And I had to do things like this:

photo 1


That would be shoveling; and yes, I asked to do it, but still. Blech.

And then, when I looked out the window tonight I saw this:

photo 3_2snow piled high outside my daughter’s bedroom window. A little pretty, yes, but also a bit ominous, especially during a thundersnow storm.

photo 1_2


And despite nature’s beautiful display, I just couldn’t shake it. And maybe I was looking for a sign; at least some strength; and that’s when I saw it…

a penny from heaven. On my bureau. In a weird spot, where it just shouldn’t be.

photo 4


So while my blechs, aren’t cured, my kids are now asleep, the house is clean and quiet, and I am going to listen to Desperado. And feel grateful.


Strength Symbols

On Friday, as I was having my hair cut for the first time since June (during a several hour visit to New York to see my little sister) , I noticed that the man razoring my ends had a pair of feathers tattooed on his forearm. When asking him about the origin, he said that he had gotten the ink with a friend, symbolizing that they would remain “birds of a feather” and stick together.

I told him that I was intrigued because of my thing for feathers. I told him they were my strength symbol. My sister, who accompanied me patiently during the appointment, poked fun at me, asking, snarkily, what a strength symbol meant.

I explained that feathers, as I have written on endlessly at Mommy, Ever After, are my sign that things will be ok. They are my protectors, my guardians, my peace.

Upon moving into my new house, I received several incredible gifts involving feathers. One was the beautiful gold plate in my entry way. And there were others. But one in particular touched me in a way that is hard to describe.

I have a friend who is my oldest and dearest. And when I moved into my new home, she got me a poster, a native American design, entitled “Feathered Shields”. It is a print by David Manje and to me is the embodiment of a strength symbol.

Because of it’s unusual size, it has taken me nearly a year to have it framed. But finally, finally, I was able to find a way to frame it that both stuck to my limited budget and did the piece justice. I used the framing department at Michael’s once again, but instead of ordering a custom frame, I made the more economical choice of buying a stock frame and having them cut a custom mat and assemble it for me.

The finished product now hangs on the wall at the entrance to my kitchen. It is my strength symbol. So is my best friend.


Because shields are meant to protect people. Feathers are meant to protect me. And she and I are meant to protect each other. Birds of a feather.