Powder Room


When it came to decorating my powder room, I was really going for a look that was a little bit zen, a little bit animal print and a little bit “stop being so ugly.”

It previously had the same horrendous linoleum floors as the kitchen and a light/fan that I can’t even refer to as a fixture because to me it was a no more than flat piece of plastic filled with dust that gave off minimal light. Not attractive, no.

So let me show you our powder room now, as I take you on a little tour. Right off the kitchen here is our back entrance. The week my son was born we built a back yard and fenced it in, but that’s another story for another day. Now, the entrance leads to our yard and the door you see straight ahead leads to our garage.

photo 4_2

Now look to the right. That’s our very snowy view from the back door and our new yard. I love it so. photo 1_3

Now look to the left. You will see our powder room. It is small, but no longer an eyesore. photo 2_3


Most of the decor in this room is from my main squeeze of a store, Home Goods, including this fabulous mirror, the hand towels, paper towels and waste paper basket. photo 3_3

The mirror is very cool and gives the small room some dimension and an ethnic vibe. photo 4_3

You know I love me some purple. And let me tell you something kind of funny. My mom gave me that black and white reed diffuser, but inside it is oil that I received from a friend for the holidays 6 years ago. It is the best smelling oil ever (I believe it was pomegranate vanilla and from Target, and I have never been able to find it since, but it is still going strong! How cray cray is that?!)photo 5

In keeping with the zen theme the painting above was given to me by my grandparents and works well on the Benjamin Moore Feather Gray wall. photo 1_2

This light fixture was a saga. And it still is not perfect. But it is a great improvement. And it is a fan/fixture in one from Home Depot and I can’t write anything more about it without getting anxiety. photo 2 photo 3Oh, hay animal print. I love how the leopard is now accented with our gorgeous new floors.

And there you have it. For a 90 year old house, I’d say this powder room is not too bad at all. A little zen, a little animal print, and a little I get to be my good ol’ lazy self and not have to walk up the stairs to go potty. Win for all!


Home Goods Friday.

I’m not saying Home Goods Friday is a thing. It might end up becoming one. Just because we’re now (mom and I) on a first name basis with the cashiers doesn’t mean it’s a thing, right? It’s kind of a thing.

So anyway, when I’m at home goods I pick up everything I see and then edit later.

So this is what one of my carts looks like:

photo 1

And this is the other: photo 2 And this is what ended up making it with me–post (PAINFUL) edits–to the check-out line. The lamp above in the first cart…how I love that lamp. But my mom convinced me that I don’t have a great place for it. And for 100 bucks, that’s a decent argument. She also convinced me that I needed a nicer hand towel for my powder room. And for 5 bucks, that also seemed to make sense. photo 3

She also made out with some goodies of her own…
photo 4_2

So here is how my home goods finds made it into the home. First, a few little additions to my (yet to be blogged) powder room. Paper hand towels with feathersphoto 1_2

and possibly an improvement below. Though I still like my little leopard ones (more on that later). photo 2_2

Below is the basket I found, which will serve as as a home for all of the baby crap we had been throwing in the corner upon entering the house after being out (like blankets and scarves and hats). Now it has a discreet spot. I like. photo 1_4

And finally, our newest elephant friend. He has a home in the nursery. And his trunk is up (the only kind of elephant I will buy). We need all the luck we need. photo 2_2So that’s how my Home Goods Friday enhanced my home in a very small way, using a very tiny budget. Maybe this will be a thing? Should it? And husband…your answer does not count.