Magic with Lindsay Docherty Photography (Another Sneak Peak)

Another little taste of my magical experience with Lindsay Docherty.
Her ability to get down on my daughter’s level, both literally and figuratively, amazed me. She put my daughter at great ease, and she was instantly comfortable with Lindsay in our home and a camera in her space.
We decided to hang three very special, enchanting photos of my daughter in her room, for they are more than just pictures, they are pieces of art.
photo 1-25
photo 2-25
Lindsay captured more than just my daughter’s face and beauty; she captured her spirit. She is wild and she is brimming with life, and the photos reflect that.
photo 3-16
I can’t wait to show you the rest!

Beauty and Romance

Originally published on Mommy, Ever After,
because it’s not just about family and love. It’s about making our house into a home.
**Editor’s note: For some reason the photos are not working properly in this post, so you’re going to have to trust me and know that I’m working on it. Use your imagination. Dream of my photos. I dream of Lindsay.
So, I am going to be, in the very near future, writing an extensive post on the ray of sparkling sunshine that is Lindsay Docherty of Lindsay Docherty Photography. I will share with you, then, how she jumped on the bed with us, and joined us in an impromptu dance party and even cleaned up my son’s spit-up. I love this girl. I even had a dream last night that I was marrying her. Word of honor. But the real post is for a later time when all of our work is complete.

So far, we have only been able to hang two of her photos. They are magic.

First, beauty.

Lindsay was able to capture, visually, the fact that my daughter and I have identical profiles. It is now displayed on our gallery wall.

Here. See for yourself.

Pardon the reflection of the third floor bannister and hallway light fixture. I am not a photography genius like, say, Lindsay Docherty.

I’m starting to think maybe I have a secret (not at all secret) crush on her. Hmmmm.

The next photo that we were able to hang adds a bit of intimacy to our bedroom. In our room previously, we had a few family photos and three from our wedding. But those were 6 years old. Lindsay captured us doing what we do, cuddling on the couch, making each other laugh.

One one side of our bed it shows where we were, and on the other, where we are.

And how close we’ve become.
so much more to come with Lindsay. So much more.