Now tell me,

Has there ever, in the history of everything ever, been anything more perfect for me than a pair of Peacock Pyrite Book Ends?

photo (46)


But with a $999 price tag, someone else will have to live my dream. My shiny, feathered, glistening, literary dream.

(dream crushing courtesy of OKL)

So this was almost going to be,

“Hey, look what I found!”

photo 1_3

…but instead, it’s “Hey, look what I got!”

photo 2_3

Peacock feathers and gold. And the chance to be really creative. I am going to head to Michaels to see if I can find big frames. I’m thinking gold. I’m thinking for the side wall of my bedroom. But it remains to be seen. I’m excited for the chance to be creative. Creative with my strength symbol. Score!

Oh, and mom…do we have a date?