511 Meets 39 (we’ve only just begun)

As I mentioned last night, our besties are moving, and are giving me the distinct honor and true pleasure of consulting with me on things like design, space planning and paint color.
I. am. In. Heaven.
Today, the husband and I were talking a lot about color, and I think they’re on a great track. Their home is beautifying before my eyes (in my imagination, that is).
One room he had a question about was the study, which is a small room with wood paneling, with dark wood built ins. His plan was to paint the paneling (to open up the feel of the room) but keep the built-ins in their natural wood color. They have a ton of natural light in their house which is wonderful, and that small room alone has 3 windows. I had two ideas:
One, was to go bold. I thought that despite the size of the room, they should think of navy paint, as a really chic statement. So I created this:
Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 8.40.24 PM
And I liked it. But then I decided to try what the husband had been thinking, and tried this:
Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 8.41.07 PM
And I liked it better. The Cream makes the wood pop, and they could have fun with the decor on the shelves.
Ahhh, do I love the beautiful canvas of this house.
And my besties.


511 Meets 39 (aka the beginning of a long and beautiful friendship)

Our besties bought a house! It is a 3 minute drive away and an 18 minute walk. It is amazing.
And they, so generously, asked me to help them with paint colors.
This is like asking me to help them to name their child. It is meaningful and something that I happen to love dearly.
I also know a pretty good deal about paint colors.

So, it’s Saturday night and I was supposed to go to sleep an hour ago, but instead I am designing the paint scheme for their new home (whether they like it or not!) and sending them emails with approximately 25 photos each of cool grays, warm grays, neutral taupes, blue grays…
They are going to be sorry they asked me for advice.
And I will love ever stinkin’ minute of this.

She loves it!

My 116 girl loves the famous pillow.

I’m so glad! I have to say it’s been really fun being her personal shopper, texting her feverishly from Home Goods while she works busily at her day job.

So we got to have a cute, cozy little visit and found that the pillow works perfectly with the first feathered one, and also the adjoining decor in her open-floor-planned-home.

photo 1

photo 2She’s even letting me bring in my love of cool colors, and frankly, I love just spending time with her.

My next assignment is for another friend, and is the search for the perfect kitchen canisters. This is so much fun!


511 meets 116

I had the privilege this morning of seeing our dear friends’ gorgeous new home. To call this a “before” would be inaccurate, as their house is immaculate and beautiful and spectacular, with an open floor plan and a master suite of dreams. But I get to work on the decorating of it, and for that I am excited and grateful!

photo (52)It was so fun; we went through every room and talked about moving light fixtures and painting furniture…but our first order of business is cooling down (color-wise) a warm TV room.

I just ordered her this pillow from West Elm

img53cNot only do the colors add the coolness we’re going for, and the silk a new texture, but it’s feathers, man.

And most exciting of all, my lovely friend is expecting a baby girl in May, so we have a nursery to decorate!

So much excitement, so much ahead, so much love.