Inside the nursery drawers.

This definitely wanders over into Mommy, Ever After territory, but when starting this new blog I knew that it would involve our journey from house to home. The house part is where I deal with the decor, the renovations, the paint colors and the furniture finds. But the home part is everything else; what fills the spaces in between; what gives each room the feel that it evokes; what fills the drawers.

Lately I have been cleaning out my children’s drawers, as they seem to be growing at warp speed (one particularly moose-like infant, more so than his peanut of a big sis, but still) and I am gathering up their too-small things for my best friends who are having babies, for charities who need baby goods and for a special place in my cedar closet upstairs where I am saving my very favorite things for my children to give to their children someday.

Having a girl before a boy has meant that there is not much overlap in things that I can put him in that once belonged to her; I am as free-spirited as anyone, but I don’t see my enormous son in a sparkly tutu. I just don’t.

But in going through the bin of my daughter’s tiniest baby things I found some onesies that I made when I was pregnant with her, and for some reason, I put them in his drawers.

photo 1

There is some tie dye; there is “All we are saying is give peas a chance; and there are feathers.
photo 2

Hope is the thing with feathers, in fact.

And while I may not be so bold as to dress my son in these hand made items,

(Stop right now. I have already put him in that tie dye onesie. Under an American Apparel baseball tee with navy pants.)

it is important to me that they fill his drawers. In a nursery so filled with love, there are drawers that are also filled with the same; handmade items from our past, weaving their way into the present, representing time, care, creativity, and hope…hope with feathers.