Kiddo Baño Completion (for now)

Our little facelift of the kids’ bathroom is now finally complete. For now. Because knowing me I will be wallpapering it in six months. But for now, I am satisfied. Mostly.
You saw the First round of updates
And then the second.
Now, with the birdcage light fixture hung I am happy to have a fun, slightly whimsical bathroom for my kids, that is gender neutral but still very colorful.
photo 1-2

photo 3


A very feathered surprise…

What’s better than having a strength symbol in your home?

MANY strength symbols.

So while our kiddo bathroom is slowly transforming into a bird sanctuary (with the peacock rug and birdcage light fixture)

I have decided to add some very feathered wall paper to a surprise spot in our home.

It looks a bit like this…


and where it goes…

you’ll just have to stay tuned.

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Kiddo Baño Updates–Part 2

So yesterday I teased in the turquoise update about a lavender one to come. And here it is.

I was really inspired by the colors in the beautiful peacock bathmat.

photo 6


We already had the blues down, as well as some fuschia accents, but I decided to really bring out the lavender. So I did it with this painting below (from my successful Home Goods shop)…

photo 1 photo 2and with this new light fixture I ordered from The Land of Nod.

like-a-bird-in-a-cage-pendant-purplePurple and a birdcage? Sold.

I can’t wait to see how it turns out!