View from the kitchen table.

Tonight, as I spooned carrots into my son’s mouth, I looked up and noticed the view from the kitchen table.
And I found it quite charming.
You know I always like a good view.


One small step for woman

and kitchen.

As I’ve alluded to before, our kitchen, which has only been shown in bits and pieces is about to go through a major overhaul. But today, I made one small step. And once again, it proved to be small, but mighty…

…Perhaps not dissimilar the woman who lugged the thing out of her SUV and into the house, screwed it together and placed it, all by her little old self.

photo 1Photo credit above goes to my three year old. She is also small but mighty.

photo 3

The table above is our before. And so is that floor. This may be the worst floor ever. It is not only unattractive linoleum, but it is completely scratched up, in horrible shape and is in a state of perpetually dirty-looking-ness. So yeah, that’s gotta go. photo 2We just got the new table above as a hand-me-over from my dad’s office, as he just moved and completely redesigned and redecorated. It has a 2 inch smaller diameter but is just much more sleek and less clunky in general. The color will also be more complementary of our new scheme.

That reminds me. Anyone need a table?

I can’t wait to see how this transformation unfolds; it won’t exactly be small, in fact I’m hoping that the result will be quite big. One might even say mighty.

Making Lemonade

Last week I felt a craving…

for a big vase of hydrangeas for my kitchen table. I even went as far as to buy two large bouquets, as I wanted a really lush, full look.

And they looked beautiful…

photo 1


…for approximately 6 hours when they started to wilt on me. I have no idea what they had against me, but I was quite disappointed.

But determined.

So my current project is to create a new kind of centerpiece for my table, using dried flowers.

They are a work in progress

photo 2but I’m hoping the result will be kind of cool. And long lasting.

Will keep you posted!