The Perfect Coffee Table Accessory

I just got the most wonderful surprise package in the mail; You already know that I adore Jordan Reid of Ramshackle Glam. Over the years I’ve read her stories, I’ve used her recipes, I’ve danced along to her songs…it’s been a lovely journey.

And now she’s written a book. Which means I have the most perfectly wonderful coffee table accessory imaginable.

photo 2-6Ramshackle Glam–The New Mom’s Haphazard Guide to (almost) Having it All.

In it are tips, anecdotes, recipes; it is her blog in a way that I can hold, tangibly in my hands. I love it so much already. And it is pretty. which means it makes my coffee table look pretty.

photo 1-5In the hustle and bustle of a very busy day and a somewhat stressful afternoon, this was a most welcomed, most special surprise. I feel so lucky to have met Jordan. She is beautiful on the inside and out.

photo 3-3To see more, look for it here.

Thank you, Jordan. Thank you for everything.


How to Make this Garden (continue to) Grow

A couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to write a Community post on one of my favorite ever blogs by one of my favorite ever blogggers: Ramshackle Glam by Jordan Reid. I wrote about the experience of transforming my daughter’s nursery into an enchanted haven, in Gonna Make This Garden Grow. My main objective, then, was to give my daughter a sanctuary in which to grow and feel safe.

Now we have a new home and she has a new big girl room. And this:

photo 3An enchanted garden nook, 2.0. A place in which she can feel protected, peaceful and, most of all, herself. This sanctuary was not created painstakingly with my own hands and a glue gun and silk flowers like her first (but rather by the people at Haba and from Neiman Marcus. Thanks, Mommom and Poppop!), but when she arrived home from the hospital she was greeted with two things: a new baby and a new mini-home.

So now she and her room and her nook are bigger as our family’s garden continues to grow.

But we all still need a tiny spot sometimes,

a spot that is all our own.