Last man standing.

After all that with my hydrangea cravings,

it should be noted that one, tiny, strong soldier managed to survive.


I’m still working on drying the other ones for a longstanding centerpiece, but I can’t help but to appreciate this little blue and white warrior,

sitting in a wine glass,

on a cold and rainy day.

Making Lemonade

Last week I felt a craving…

for a big vase of hydrangeas for my kitchen table. I even went as far as to buy two large bouquets, as I wanted a really lush, full look.

And they looked beautiful…

photo 1


…for approximately 6 hours when they started to wilt on me. I have no idea what they had against me, but I was quite disappointed.

But determined.

So my current project is to create a new kind of centerpiece for my table, using dried flowers.

They are a work in progress

photo 2but I’m hoping the result will be kind of cool. And long lasting.

Will keep you posted!