This guest feature was sent to me yesterday by a girl from yesteryear, someone with whom I once spent an amazing summer at performing arts camp. We sang and performed a showcase of Beatles songs and became BFFS (sworn in a contract by the all holy milky pen). This girl is beautiful and vivacious and ever creative and I am so glad that she is sharing some of her gorgeous Florida home with me; or as she said, a little Palm Beach 2768 meets the Main Line:

Another great minds think alike. I’ve had the leaves (feathers) for years. The gold one is my newest obsession from MY homie home goods and my husband has banned me from there since my latest three shopping trips there this month. I cry.


Two left pillows from Home Goods. Gray on the right from TJ Maxx.

And here is a sneak peak of my dining room- inspired by our solos of yesterday. (Editor’s note: I am obsessed.)


The back is black and white chevron.
More to come…