OMG Do I Want This.

It combines just about everything I love.

photo (81)

That is all.

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She loves it!

My 116 girl loves the famous pillow.

I’m so glad! I have to say it’s been really fun being her personal shopper, texting her feverishly from Home Goods while she works busily at her day job.

So we got to have a cute, cozy little visit and found that the pillow works perfectly with the first feathered one, and also the adjoining decor in her open-floor-planned-home.

photo 1

photo 2She’s even letting me bring in my love of cool colors, and frankly, I love just spending time with her.

My next assignment is for another friend, and is the search for the perfect kitchen canisters. This is so much fun!


A gem: Sheridan Square

I am funny about a few things. Maybe more than a few, but two that I can definitely attest to being both very into and very particular about colors and pillows. So part one of my story came today when I went to have a manicure during a lull in our day. My parents and grandparents took my daughter to see “Frozen” for the second time

(side note: my dad is texting me from the theatre. It reads: I am howling. No recognition she is in the theatre. Play acting and singing up and down the whole aisle.” It’s in her blood.)

In any case, my sister can attest to the fact that I am the most frustrating person in the world to go with to the nail salon; I perseverate over color choices like it’s a matter of national security. So you can imagine the lengths it took me to get here:


That’s right. A French mani with Essie Chinchily tipped with OPI Keeping Suzi At Bay. Big time.*

In any case, I have some history at this salon; at 20 weeks pregnant there I met the sweetest girl who was having her nails done for the gender reveal party she would be having the following weekend at her hometown in New Jersey. We were due on the very same day. her little gem came a bit early and is a beautiful girl, but it was special to connect then, and I was lucky enough to see her again today, as her store is right down the block from the nail salon. I sought refuge from the sleet as I waited for my husband to pick me up in Sheridan Square, an incredibly chic boutique with really interesting and unique clothing and home wares.

I saw this pillow and I was like, “Um, hi, again, we’re meant to be.”

photo 1and then I saw this

photo 3and I was like “Oh yes, yes I do, I LOVE this place.”

And they couldn’t have been sweeter and I gushed over their little peanut and we are planning a baby playdate for next month.

Do yourselves a favor. Check it out. You can obsess over pillows and color and their clothes, Just like I do!photo 2Plus, you get to see the cutest little baby girl in day-glo. Worth it in and of itself.

*Though it’s not the best photo, ring credit must go to my homeboy Marc, owner of M. Weinberg and Co. jewelry. He did the most gorgeous resetting of my engagement ring and is the nicest guy on earth. So while we’re giving shout outs, he deserves one as well. Call him. Trust me.

Now I have to stop typing. Wouldn’t want to chip a nail.




Neiman Marcus and I.

We are quite in sync, it seems.

First, I dined at  Neiman Marcus right before my water broke with my daughter.

Then, today, Mommom and I took a trip to Neiman’s.

She needed new throw pillows for her back-room redo, as she had just given me hers.

And so I convinced her to buy this one, in it’s fine feathered glory.

photo 2

It will go on a black couch with a thin white stripe detail, and she just had the room carpeted in leopard print. More on this room to come.

And then, I noticed that their new, main, most prominent display looks like this:

photo 1which looks awful looks a lot like this:

photo 2_2my happy little sill.

I guess we are just meant to be.