The Ones That Got Away…Including my Wallet.

On my weekly trips to my Mecca, I frequently write about the “ones that got away”, pieces I found and  loved and adored, but could not or should not buy for one reason or another.

One time, even my cell phone got away from me, but that’s another story.

I was able to take this week’s trip with my girl from 116, and while she showed great restraint, we found some pieces, large and small, that were kind of amazing, but that we had to let go.


Like this entire African display that they are featuring. I want so many of those pillows I can’t even tell you. photo 1

And more with the animals. photo 1

I think this tree branch table is really something special. photo 2

And love this vase (it reminds me of mine in my entrance hallway, also from the HG.)photo 2

I looooooove this lamp. And if I did not already have the little Jonathan Adler Happy Chic Owl in my son’s nursery, it would be mine. photo 3

This is an awesome piece of furniture. I wanted her to buy it. She doesn’t need it. But maybe you do?!?!?!photo 3

And then this would have been mine had it not involved a cracked mirror. I am a bit superstitiousphoto 4

And for the grand finale, this spectacular light fixture. I really wanted my girl to buy this for her master bedroom, which is amazing and features a cathedral ceiling over the bed, perfect for this type of statement. She has a white, ruched duvet and just ordered mirrored night tables…very white, gray and light….but her husband doesn’t want to get rid of the ceiling fan. I’ll work on him, I assure you. photo 5

And then we went to check out. And I was only buying a few little things like cocktail napkins and a box and my wallet was nowhere to be found. The ladies asked me which department I had been in.
“Um….all of them…” so the search began.

And I’m happy to report that my very pregnant friend stood outside in the snow and managed to find my wallet in my diaper bag in my car. I have amazing friends.

So if you find yourself near this Home Goods, now you know where to look!


The Ones That Got Away (and two that did not!)

I’ve written before about objects of desire that I’ve found at Home Goods that, for one reason or another, were unable to come home with me. Sometimes it’s a frame without the proper backing to hang. Sometimes it’s something my mom tells me looks ugly. It all depends. Today I found so many things that got away, but thought perhaps that you might like them, so if you venture to this Home Goods store, you could pick them up and give them the good home that I could not.

Here are the ones that got away.

There were fabulous moments in vases

photo 1 photo 4 photo 1

And decor for a kid’s roomphoto 3 How I love this mirror. (Oh hai, chicken legs.)photo 2And many interesting and awesome animal pieces that I would have loved to snag
photo 5

The painting below reminds me of a hybrid of my zebras and black beautyphoto 3 photo 4 photo 5 photo 5I thought about the pillow below for this home
photo 2

but ended up with this one. I think it will look perfect with the feathered silk one on her chocolate couch. photo 3

And that made me happy. But not buying this zebra made me so sad. photo 1 photo 2

And this little guy here found a happy home.

So all in all a successful day in the neighborhood.