Mirror Lust

Just now, as I was posting a Mommy, Ever After story on Facebook, I got distracted by a well placed add from One Kings Lane.
Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 5.34.06 PM
Solid advertising, OKL. Because I actually clicked over and looked at (and lusted over) their mirror sale.
Do you want to hear something funny? Back in January I took a day trip to New York to visit my sister, and I showed up wearing the same exact sweater that she was; we were dressed identically. A sister thing. And she just moved and decided to make a wall of mirrors. And since her fabulous NYC life and job keep her from checking out every one of my blog entries, she had no idea that I had just done the same thing in my Master Bedroom.

Here are some of the particularly fabulous features that I noticed from the sale:
Oh how I want this for my future funky basement
I have mirror envy. So sister? If you just so happen to check out this post, check it.


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