One of my craziest ideas ever.

I have talked endlessly on this site about my future master addition, and my current mini-ish master situation.
I have also shared my obsession with my son’s nursery and how I freaked out when he was first born that my navy/gray/yellow color scheme was not coming together, so I had it painted Prussian Blue.
Well I don’t know if I’ve fully explained the issue with my second floor. Try to stay with me:
At the top of the stairs, directly to the left is my son’s bedroom. Directly to the right is our bathroom.
Then there is a long hallway, to the left is the staircase to the playroom and then the kiddo bano.
At the end of the hallway are two larger bedrooms, mirror images of one another. One is my daughter’s bedroom and one is ours.
Clearly, the layout is, as they say, farkakte.
Ultimately, our idea is to build the master bedroom addition over the existing garage, turn my son’s room into a guest room, seal off and renovate the small bathroom so that it is a true master suite, and have both kids down at the other end of the hall, next to each other and their bathroom. Makes much more sense, right? Right.
The only problem is, master additions don’t just materialize. They take time. And work. And major moolah.
So then I got to thinking. And it may be one of my craziest ideas ever, but I am completely behind it.
My idea is to switch bedrooms with my son. This means that my husband and I would take the smallest bedroom in the house, but one at the end of the hallway (more privacy) and directly next to our bathroom. We would store our King sized bed until we build the addition and replace it with a queen. More intimate, me thinks.
My philosophy is this: Not only is it a more practical layout, but it changes the tone of our bedroom. Right now our bedroom has extra space. And in that space we have piles and clutter. It is not used in a good way.
And I like the idea of our room being our little cave, with darker paint, white bedding, a gold dresser, a mirrored wall and, ultimately,a place for us to rest and turn off. And to be together.
My husband is not excited about this crazy idea.
But we’ve gone from “absolutely not” to “I’ll think about it”, which is huge progress.
I made a polyvore of what the scheme of our room would look like and I love it. I love it so much.
Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 8.28.33 PM
my closet is already in that room, and I think, while it would be smaller, it would be cozier.
And I think that it would bring us closer together. Literally and figuratively.
stay tuned…


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