A few cool finds.

Today I went to Anthropologie to look for a birthday present and I came across some spectacular home decor and furniture finds.
I love these. Obviously.
photo 1-26
I thought these were super cute. They would be cool on the shelf in my future great room addition. What? I haven’t talked about that one yet? Oh, that one’s coming too. (Hi hubby!)
photo 2-26
And then this bedroom was just so beautiful; it had furry pillows (which we all know I loooove) and it was just yummy and it had the most spectacular bedside table ever. I think it was roughly 1/3 of my monthly mortgage.
photo 3-17
But it was pretty. So pretty.
photo 4-9
So, basically, Anthro is rockin’ it (no pun intended) in the home department.
Head on over to Mommy, Ever After for the rest of the story…


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