Said Emerald Green Bathroom

And my husband is on board! So the way our second floor is situated now is kind of odd;
At the top of the stairs if you turn right you’ll find a bathroom with a stall shower and if you turn left you’ll find my son’s nursery down the long gallery-wall hallway there are two bedrooms next to one another that are mirror images. Next to the bedroom on the left is another bathroom, with a tub and shower.
So there is no real master suite, hence my fantasy future addition.

How it really should be in my world is that the two kids are in the two identical bedrooms at the end of the hallway, the bedrooms that are next to their bathroom. But in my husband’s world, we were not going to take the smallest bedroom in the house when I was not yet pregnant upon moving in (spoiler alert, I got pregnant 2 seconds later).

For our future addition, which we had plans made for before we even bid on the house, at the top of the staircase to the left would be a sealed off wall where the bathroom door now stands and straight ahead would be the door to a large master bedroom that is over the garage (which, according to my contractor Louie’s drawings, envelops that hall bathroom, has a linen closet, a huge walk in closet and a cathedral ceiling).
I dream about this room every day.
Funny enough, I know that one of the most expensive parts of the addition will be renovating the bathroom, but oh, how I fantasize.
Now when I say I want an emerald green bathroom, I don’t mean anything shocking. In fact, I want the whole vibe of our suite to be very zen. But I want pops of emerald green. Possibly in the tile; possibly in the accessories.
I am obsessed with this:
If I were to, let’s say, create my own Polyvore of the space while my husband was, let’s say, rock climbing, it might look something like this:
Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 7.23.58 PM
I will admit it. I just got really lost. None of the above is really the look I’m going for.
What I envision is very natural looking stone and marble. Interesting grain. Maybe green tiles. I big stall shower with glass sides. Green, accented with gold.
I feel as though I just followed the yellow brick road down to Emerald City and I need to now find my way home.


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