Master Update–A Ketubah and Mirrors

We did a little bit of updating in our mini-ish master around these parts;

And it all started with a love story.

This year is my six year anniversary of marriage, but it took me this long to finally have our ketubah framed. A ketubah is a Jewish marriage contract, and for ours, I wanted a piece of art. We chose a hamsa as the focal point, which is a Jewish symbol of a hand of protection.

Once it was framed, I was blown away by it’s beauty and wanted to hang it as the centerpiece as our gallery wall opposite our bed. It is a wall I see so much of, as I look at it as I am gabbing on the phone or typing on the computer, and I am so happy to now have such an important piece (both symbolically and aesthetically).

But once the ketubah was framed (by the way, I had it framed at Michael’s using a 65% off coupon, which means I was able to afford to double mat it and put it in a beautiful gold metal frame) I did not want it to be a part of the rest of my gallery wall; the other pieces felt insignificant in a way, or like they took away from the beauty of the precious work of art.

photo 3-13

But I had a lot of wall to fill.

And a lot of holes to cover.

And so I decided to cover them with mirrors. All different mirrors.

photo 1-19

If you look closely, you’ll spy a certain baby of mine in one of the mirrors. He was kind enough to chill on the bed while I snapped crappy iPhone pics. And so you know, I shattered this phone, so I will be getting a new one, so YOU will be treated to MUCH better quality photos very soon. photo 2-20

So now the room feels completely different, and will be perfect in my fantasy future bedroom.

And I’m kind of glad it took me six years to frame this piece of art, because I’ve grown into myself, into my style,

we’ve grown into ourselves, into our love

and now it feels





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