511 Meets 221-A Project

Since we each moved out of our childhood home, our parents have redecorated our bedrooms. While they may not be our exact style, they’re nice.

Mine is painted a warm color that I think is called something like “Summer Squash”, with all white bedding, a cream area rug and my old pickled white furniture. There are some aspects of my old room that I consider to be moldy roastbeef, like the floral painting above the bed, but I deal.

I like my sister’s room even better than mine. It is more monochromatic, which, of course, I love, with the main color being one shade of beige or another (much like the only food my sister would touch for the first 15 years of her life). She has a beautiful white sleigh bed, white furniture, an awesome vintage poster framed in gold and bedding that has a slight gold tint.

Today, my mom and I went to HG so that I could look for something specific (to be shared at a later date) and she told me that she was looking for something for my sister’s vanity. My sister finds her room too sterile, and I was thrilled to have an actual “Job” that I was commissioned to do. This was hard; I had to stay true to my own aesthetic, please my more minimalist and modern sister and also my more traditional mother. We went through many iterations. Basically, we were looking for a display for her empty vanity.

photo 1-6Along with beige, there are accents of green in her room, like a set of framed botanicals behind her bed, a cozy West Elm throw and a faux flower display that is surprisingly not too moldy.

Above was a good start, the candles and the dimension, but it wasn’t right.

I tried many boxes, many candle holders and many different positions. I was committed to the geode, even when my mom had her doubts. I wanted accents to be in gold, as the poster is framed so prominently on the same wall as her vanity.

I settled with this:

photo 2-7The pop of red accents the Asian inspired pillow on my sister’s bed. I thought it would look nice…

photo 3-4And it does. It really does. It freshens up the place, gives it some modernity and I like the mirrored tray with the mirrored frame.

I also like the scale.

photo 4-1So here it is; 511 meets 221 once again. And mom?  I know you need to “live with it” but you aren’t returning. Mmmmkay?

photo 5-1What do you think?




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