A happy little shelf.

I’ve written much before on our kitchen as a work in progress.

But there are parts of the room that I really love. Though our way future plans include building a big great room by converting the kitchen-adjacent-garage, it is a fine room for a long time. It has ample counter and cabinet space. It has a pantry and a cool little nook that isn’t insulated so it keeps our wine a little chilled.

And it has a little shelf display that I absolutely love. I’ve said before that I’m funny about colors.

I prefer monochromatic looks, or at least very defined schemes. For my kitchen, it’s clearly cherry/dark wood, black and white. So that is what my shelf features.

photo-15I love having these white ceramic pieces, bringing together the look.

I have the black and white photos

photo 1

and the zebra painting

photo 1and I will never stop wanting this:

imgresMy birthday is April 11, bee tee dub.



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