Disney Decor

Last week, we took a little (and much needed) vacation down to sunny Florida.

I have already featured the insane decor at The Fountainbleau, our hotel in Miami. It was so chic I couldn’t stand it.

But that was the second leg of our Floridian getaway; the first part of our trip was 3 days in Disney. Say what you want, but seeing your almost-four-year-old who is named for a Disney Princess, completely enchanted and believing, it is nothing but amazing. It doesn’t matter that it is crowded or cliche…it really was magical.

However, I do not have so much to write about in the decor department. I have already shared my one find from Agraba. And that crystal is definitely the highlight. But I did find a few pretty things; flower displays, beautifully hung botanicals, and something little for my son’s bedroom.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3photo-5A classic Mickey Doll, in the right color scheme. A memento of a trip he most certainly won’t remember, but enjoyed so.

And a family photo from our Breakfast in Cindella’s castle is the perfect addition to our sunroom collection. photo 4

While the decor at Disney may not have been chic or contemporary, like our stay, it was pretty darn enchanting.


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