My journey with Jeff Lewis.

Don’t get too excited…it’s a pretty short one (and not most intimate-ever with a Bravo-lebrity…Teaser alert!)

But one time someone stumbled upon Mommy, Ever After by using the search term “Jeff Lewis Baby Unibrow”. That’s pretty amazing in itself. No? I have always loved the guy.

But now that I have a relatively new found passion in all things home design (including decor and, of course, color) I have been really digging the new season of Flipping Out; and I find myself noticing things, like their Green and Gray throw pillows in the main room in Grammercy, and ZOMG Jeff Lewis Color. I fantasize about our future master addition, and now, when watching, I pay close attention to things like budget and “the bones” of a space.

So, in the words of my favorite Neon Trees song, Animal, “here we go again…”


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