I need your help.

Now that we’ve acquired this awesome leopard rug in our master, we’ve been playing with moving our old master rug into the living room.

In our living room we have two separate seating areas: the couch/settee/ottoman area surrounding the TV and then the Barcelona chairs and mirrored coffee table by the fire. I had the idea to move the rug under the fireside seating area, first to distinguish it as a separate area, giving the room a bigger feel, and also, because the rug’s color and pattern perfectly mirror the pillows opposite on it on the settee.

And my husband and I, while getting used to the change it creates, both like it.

My mom came over and did not. My friend came and was not sure. I really think I do.

I would love your advice. Here is how the room looked before:

photo 1_2photo 1_4and here is how it looks now:

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3What do you think?

Thank you in advance!


Undecided and Perseverating



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  1. I am Amy Katzeff’s mother and although we haven’t met, I feel I know you very well. You introduced Reid to school and created a special place for him to love and find joy; for this, I will be forecer grateful. Like you, I am a staunch fan of Home Goods, an avid shopper, and a devotee of all thing beautiful. I, too, find indescribable joy in unearthing a new ‘find,’ discovering the ‘perfect’ piece,’ uncovering a ‘real deal,’ and no one loves the ‘hunt’ more than I! Now to your concern –
    i love the stripped rug in front of your fire place if there were no other rug nearby. I think what is standing in the way of your loving the ‘new’ living room is the 2 jutaposed rugs that, while beautiful alone, seem to clash when united. The larger one is very traditional and understated, while the smaller one is very modern amd bold. I cast my vote to keep just the large rug in the living room (as the docal point) and relocate the beige striped one. If anyone can find a new home for an object, it is you! Shelly Katzeff

    PS – Now that I know how to comment on a blog (I’m old, so I learn at a slower pace!), I plan to share thoughts and ideas with you. I hope you don’t mind.

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