A funny thing happened on the way to therapy,

which, in this case, was actually Home Goods. I needed it today.

My mom and I split up in the store, and when we reunited, we were both carrying the exact same thing, this beautiful vase.

photo 2

And I decided to adopt it and give it a home in my bedroom (sorry for poor quality photos, we’re workin’ with an iphone 4s now and a dysfunctional iPhoto.)photo 4

I think this will be perfect with my other (soon to be pictured) new addition of a leopard rug I had made from Mommom’s remnants. photo 5I also treated myself to a hot pink candle, which perfectly accents my foxiness and smells divine.

photo 3and before I left the store (where I referred to myself as Most Valuable Customer SEVERAL times to the cashiers…)

I snapped a picture of this; not something I would hang in my home, but something I wanted to remember.

photo 1



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