511 Meets 1445

This guest feature is especially close to my heart, as the writer is someone for whom I have the utmost respect and admiration. And it’s not just because she used to have camp outs with me in my back yard down the shore. She is a strong, amazing woman and I am lucky to have her photos and tips on this site.

I was supremely flattered when she wrote to tell me that she was inspired to check out my homie Home Goods in order to update her awesome vintage orange couches that used to be in her parents’ “Good Living Room”. These pieces are gems; like nothing you could find today if you tried, but she was wary about making the room chic and modern as opposed to (her words) “Brady Bunch”. And what an incredible job she has done thus far. And she’s only just begun. By added warm gray accents, she’s tying together the room and the rest of her house and updating classics.

1624450_10203139477554081_1875375555_n 1624465_10203139477594082_2115167513_n 1743324_10203139477514080_701487283_nDoesn’t it look absolutely fabulous? And if that were not enough, she sent me the most spectacular email idea that addresses not only a decorating idea, but a parenting one; with all of these recent snow days, I have seen so many parents at a loss for how to spend quality time with their stir-crazy kids. She wrote, “An idea for any room that needs art, but you want to tie in a color theme.” Her son was home all week and so she got creative. “We broke out the canvas and acrylics and went to town. I told him I’d mix the colors I want for living room, with tie in colors from the dining room. Then I left the rest to him and his talent for abstract art.” And she got a real piece of art that is one of a kind, has sentimental value and is just exquisite!


1922417_10203238872238886_1148643333_nOne point for decorating savvy and another for mama genius!

So happy to have collaborated with this special, long-time friend and inspirational woman and mom. Her home is now becoming an enviable orange oasis. I can’t wait to see how it continues to evolve!



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