Yo, I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want,

I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna really really really wanna zeba Zebra.

Okay, I realize that was the worst. I am the worst at jokes, but I couldn’t help myself. And today I found a zebra that I really, really want. But it’s really, really expensive.

And there’s a picture of it below, and is part of the fabulous Jonathan Adler display outside of Zodiac Restaurant and Neimans. My daughter insisted we eat lunch there today. She needed a popsicle (popover).

And right at the entrance to the eatery was the most fabulous JA display and I wanted it and I wanted it all.

Like, this entire thing.

photo 2

My kid was equally enamored. She even strayed, for a moment, on her quest for popoversicles.
photo 3

But more than anything I wanted this: Right down there. The Golden Zebras. But the price was a bit too steep for me at this time. (I did, however, score some gorgeous purple cashmere at a supa discount.) Mr. Adler does have a place in several pieces of my son’s nursery, and I hope to add more of him. photo 4

And I wouldn’t complain if these chairs were in my house. Or at least a turquoise throwphoto (76)

But, alas, they will remain on my wish list. With my perpetually most lusted after JA extravagance, this. It is so dope. Literally.

imgresThis I’ve wanted for. ev. er.  Maybe someday.

So anyway, I enjoyed some Jonathan Adler eye candy and my daughter enjoyed some delicious consomme.

photo (77)

And it was all good. And,


Neiman Marcus and I are still soul sistas. I mean look at this: My window sill next to their display in men’s dresswear:

picstitch (1)

Considering Neiman Marcus was instrumental in the birth of my first child, I have always felt like we were bonded.


Happy President’s Day, which for our family meant a day off and the four of us took full advantage, with strawberry butter and all. I hope yours was as lovely as ours. In fact, I hope it was was pretty dope.


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