An all time fave.

In thinking of my history of traveling, visiting different homes and taking note of their decor, there is a piece of art that remains an all time favorite. I wrote yesterday about my enchanting Christmas and the memories evoked by my senses; and it is in that home that I once found my favorite piece of art.

It is a painting, done by the older brother of my boyfriend in college, for whom I have the utmost admiration and respect. He is now the Design Director for Glasschord Art and Culture Magazine, which, as the site explains, “was founded by a community of emerging artists as an open forum for creative expression. Each monthly issue explores a single theme from a variety of contemporary perspectives. The project invites open participation, whether as a contributor or viewer.” Cool, right?

Their father is an English teacher and has a deep love of literature, so for his birthday, my boyfriend’s brother made him this painting, featuring twenty different portraits of their father’s personal favorites.


I was so moved; not just by the kind gesture from eldest son to father, but by the beauty of the actual work itself. In the painting I see so many things, feel so many things, as so much history is evoked and so many great words conjured.

Just as this painting holds so many great stories, so do my memories of my time in the Hudson River Valley with this special family, and I will never forget a bit of this painting or our time together.


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