Our Kitchen Project, The Knobs:

Though they may no be my ideal, I can recognize the beauty of our Cherry Wood kitchen cabinets. I would probably prefer a lighter finish, but for now, and especially with our new dark floors, they’ve grown on me quite a bit.

What I could not get behind were the standard silver knobs. We are blessed to have a tremendous amount of cabinet space,  but this flip side is nearly 40 knobs that look like this:

photo 3

There is nothing offensive about these knobs at all. They aren’t a putrid color or a terrible material. But they are meh. And in a kitchen where things are already a little mis-matched, they were doing us no favors.

And so, I turned to knob Mecca, Anthropologie, and lucked out in finding these beautiful glass knobs on super clearance (10 dollars off the regular price, which is a big deal when you’re ordering FORTY of them). photo 4It’s a small change, but it definitely transforms the space. My kitchen is changing before my eyes and I am loving every bit (and every knob) of it.



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