My contribution.

Recently, my husband added a special addition to our son’s nursery.

It represented both our son and his father; our boy being a giant moose-like thing (I say that in the kindest of ways) and his dad being a talented cartoonist.

And so I thought about it and wanted to put my own personal stamp on his wall. While I’m not exactly a fine artist (I get by) there are certain things I love.

Like words. and song lyrics. And Brett Dennen.

So I added a little something to his wall that represents him (the lyrics are from “Wild Child”, a sentiment I wish for our boy) and me, in that I love this man’s words.

photo 3If you know me, you know these words are me to a T.

And our son is a little bit of his dad, and a little bit of his mom, after all. So his room should be too.



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