As I wrote earlier, some of our snow day was idyllic; we had the fire roaring as we watched pretty snow fall, my daughter made sugar cookies and I made chicken soup and that kind of coziness is heavenly…

But at some point in the day I got a case of the blechs. It happens. Because we were cooped up. And I had to do things like this:

photo 1


That would be shoveling; and yes, I asked to do it, but still. Blech.

And then, when I looked out the window tonight I saw this:

photo 3_2snow piled high outside my daughter’s bedroom window. A little pretty, yes, but also a bit ominous, especially during a thundersnow storm.

photo 1_2


And despite nature’s beautiful display, I just couldn’t shake it. And maybe I was looking for a sign; at least some strength; and that’s when I saw it…

a penny from heaven. On my bureau. In a weird spot, where it just shouldn’t be.

photo 4


So while my blechs, aren’t cured, my kids are now asleep, the house is clean and quiet, and I am going to listen to Desperado. And feel grateful.



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