Fridge Decor

I’ve mentioned before that my kitchen is a work in progress. We now have beautiful new floors, and with our cherry cabinets, glass knobs from anthropologie and some pretty views and lots of light, it’s really OK for a 90 year old house.

Our appliances, however are not new. Nor do they match. Our microwave (which is currently missing a handle!), dishwasher, over and stove are black, while our fridge is cream colored. Since a complete kitchen re-do is on the horizon (we have an attached garage that and a not-yet-pictured powder room, both of which we plan to open and incorporate and make into one, bit great room), I refuse to update any of our appliances, even if they aren’t perfect. So I make the best of them.

And when it comes to the fridge, it means putting up things that are meaningful to me, that give me a smile or give me peace. It’s been established that I don’t do well with piles, but I feel that our fridge decor is organized chaos. And I love it so much; Because it’s a scrap book of sorts. Here. Let me walk you through it:

photo (62)

On here there are tons of photo booth strips; pictures of my friends, my husband, fun memories; the Magnet from my trip to New Paltz where I named my daughter years before her conception; a beautiful memento from Avi Loren Fox Photography, in which we are sitting on the steps of our childhood (and now neighborhood!) park; 2 Magnets from a trip up to boston to visit Twin: One featuring Mc Lovin’s fake ID because and one that says Spooning leads to Forking, because we’re mature like that; the paper that came with our Namaste sign from St. John, reading “I honor the place in you in which the entire Universe dwells. I honor the place in you which is of Love, Truth Light and Peace. When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me We are One.”; A feather magnet that reminds me to breathe; Sonogram photos of my son; A photo of my family from my cousin’s Bat-Mitzvah in which my husband was posing as Miss J; a tender moment from our wedding; a magnet I had made of my husband giving me a piggy back ride in St. John that says “Come Ride With Me Across the Sea, The Best is Yet to Be”, which has become our unofficial mantra, and just other moments in photos captured that were either sweet or silly or twerpy or meaningful in one way or another. I love this fridge. It is isn’t “designed”, nor is it it neat, but it is fun and funny and a little inappropriate at times and filled with love, just like us.


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