For Strength

As I’ve made allusions to before, this time in my life has been both miraculously wondrous and a bit trying. Without going into any more detail at this time, I have relied on my strength symbols–both in people and in feathers–more than every before.

It has been wonderful when new feathers have come into my life unexpectedly. They have reminded me to stay strong, both from the people who have bestowed them upon me and from the angels whom I believe are sending them my way.

This weekend, besides the feathers I brought into my home myself, I had two feathered experiences find me, and for those I am so grateful.

First, at dinner, where I sat a beautiful bar next to these:

photo 2

And then, first thing in the morning, as this was stuck to the back to the bumper of our new car. I have no idea where this could have come from; but I believe. And as crazy as this sounds, my daughter just came in here, at this very moment, at this moment during which I was typing the words “I believe” and said “I miss My Nanny.” (whom she’s never met). This is why I believe. I write this with tears coming down my face.

In any case, this was on my car:

photo 1

This was before my Peacock feather delivery, I should add. It came from somewhere, or someone, else.

And now I am going to hug my daughter and play this song. Sending love.


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