Well…even if she doesn’t like it…

I bought it anyway. Because West Elm knows how to do a pillow. 

I bought it, you see, because it is going to be perfect for my way future bedroom. And when I say way future I mean years away. But it will be the ideal throw pillow for the room with the leopard print rug and rich, faux fur throws and velvet headboard. I just know it.

img44cAnd it’s feathers! Come on, people!

And as for that bedroom, this is really what I’m thinking. Just a little something like this:

polyvoreand I’d probably pick a rich and creamy wall color like Revere Pewter or maybe go bold, like in the nursery. Like Summer Nights. Oh Benjamin Moore, how you do me like you do. Fortunately, I have years (as my husband is keen to remind me) to decide. But how cool would that be? Come on now.

Well, at least I’ve got my pillow.


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