Our Kitchen Project, Phase One: Floors, THE AFTER.

So I’m sure you remember the scratched, dirty looking linoleum that was Our Kitchen Project, Phase One: The Before of our kitchen. Well, I am here to show you the beauty and magical majesty of the after.

Just in case time has healed you of the horror of the before floors, let me just remind you. Here. Here they were.

photo 3

and thanks to Dave and Mary at Norman Carpet One, here is what they look like now:

photo 1 photo 2_3 photo 3Not only do they change the look of the entire room, but they really change our entire house. The kitchen was the one room that was really looking shabby, beat-up and the floors were an eye-sore. Now we have beautiful new flooring to be proud of.

photo (47)

Our kitchen facelift is far from over, but this has been an incredibly transformative first step.

Stay tuned…


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